Friday, April 23, 2010

And make that 5...

Yes, 5. 5 ear infections in the past 7 months for Lily Grace. My sweet and happy girl is once again on antibiotics and is up and down at night, pretty much every hour on the hour. I am just over it. We have an appointment with the ENT next week. Tubes, anyone?


Joybell74 said...

Hey, Lily. I just thought I'd share my info on ear infections....I'd email privately, but that was not an option, feel free to not post the comment, if you feel so led.

We have 7 kids and have gone through many ear infections. Antibiotics are good... about 1 time a year. If they have repeat issues, I resort to "natural remedies". They just work, almost every time. The fastest "cure" for ear infections and aches that I know...

put a small onion in the blender until near liquefied. Strain the juice really well into a clean bowl.Use a dropper and put the juice in the ear while child is lying on her side, with bad ear up. when the ear canal is full, gently rub the hollow below/behind the ear, this will stop the pain and onions have a natural anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti microbial effect.

I have used other things, garlic oil, colloidal silver, but the onion works fastest and kills the pain best...I've used it on myself, as well as my kids...just stinky, and tastes yucky, because it runs through to the back of the throat!
(use small onions, because you will want to dump the juice when it turns pink, you only want to use fresh..about 24 hours)keep in fridge, warm to skin temp before using.

I started using this to avoid tubes for my son....antibiotics were not totally getting rid of the infection, and it kept coming back...garlic and onion got rid of it...and they don't develop a resistance to it like the antibiotics.

Apply at least 2x's a day, for at least 4 days...or as long as 10 days (you won't need it that long)

I also trust "momma's gut" to a certain degree, so you do what you feel is best for your child, I am just sharing what works for us. Maybe you will find it useful.
(I got the onion trick from a nurse who did a mission trip and had nothing else to sooth a screaming child in the middle of the night. This worked. Also read of mom's using it to prevent swimmers ear at the public pool.)

leah said...

Sounds like time for tubes! They really, really help with the middle ear stuff. Good luck with the ENT!

tammy said...

When I first saw the title to this post, I thought maybe another little one was on way to make a family of 5! : )

Poor baby Lily! Not fun for baby or mommy!