Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gearing Up for Summer!

Next week is Christian's last week of school, and our whole family is getting ready for a fun-filled summer. As much as I know Christian is going to miss his wonderful teachers and friends, the hustle and bustle of our Monday-Friday schedule is NOT going to be missed. He works so hard during the school year, and I just want him to play and be a little boy before he heads back to school at the end of August. I know Lily is going to appreciate not being schlepped in a car everyday to retrieve her brother, and she is going to LOVE having him around to play with.

The week after school is out, Christian and Lily's Nana and Papa are coming to visit. Christian is SO excited to have them here in his house, and I have an entire list for my general contractor  Dad to work on. The following week we have our family beach trip to North Carolina, where the kids will have an entire week on their beach with their cousins! The final two weeks of July and into the first week of August, Christian will be attending some camps here in our neighborhood with his buddies, and after that, we plan on just enjoying our summer days with our friends and family.

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leah said...

Have a marvelous summer! Playing hard sounds like such a good idea.
We're devoted to playing hard, too (even though we are doing John Tracy for three weeks in July). We're having major playdates every Friday, going to local parks and creeks, and planning a Disney trip while in California. I LOVE summer!