Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lily Grace's Language Update!


Even though Lily Grace is our "typically" hearing baby, I still am always focused on her speech and language development because it's what I do. I don't know how to NOT be concerned or obsess over language acquisition. Despite over 8 ear infections in 10 months, Lily's language development is right on track, and if I may say so, pretty stinkin' cute. Here's some more words and phrases she has added on, with the help of her amazing language model of a brother:

MeeMee (Sammy, our cat)
GehDOWN (Get Down)
TankYOUUUU (she says this not only to thank, but to also ask for something. You'll often find Lily reaching out for another snack and saying TANKYOUUUU at the same time)
TRUH (Truck)
Mommy....melts my heart everytime!
EHMO (Elmo)
BEHREE (Berry)


leah said...

Honestly, we should all have honorary master's degrees in speech therapy!

Way to go, Lily- and here's to those ear infections disappearing completely, even after your tubes fall out!

AJ's Mom said...

Seriously, Lily?!!! You've got some major cuteness going on there girlie!!! And the pigtails, OH, the pigtails. SO CUTE!

Way to go with all that language!!!