Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Sister has LOTS of Words!

Poor Lily, she is truly the 2nd child. Her baby book has only been recorded up to 6 months, and she honestly has spent most of her first 18 months in a car-seat or in my gym's daycare. She has rolled with the punches, constantly adapting to Christian's schedule, battling ear infection after infection, and still somehow remaining my happy, sweet, and now crazy girl. Did I mention she literally RUNS everywhere? I can't keep up with her.

Lily is 18 months old today. Right now she is sitting on my coffee table laughing, hiccuping, and in between saying "Drink Milk". And I can REALLY understand her. She is starting to put 2 words together more often. Here's some of my favorites:

Mah-Poon (My Spoon)
Key-Key (Christian)
Key-Key Play?
Eat Mama!
Wha's Kitty? (Where's Kitty?)
More Cookie

I'm so proud of her. She's talking like such a big girl. 


dancilhoney said...

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leah said...

I totally get the "second child syndrome." Nolan's baby book is woefully lacking! I need to work on that soon, lol.

Way to go with your words, Lily! I love that first language explosion- it is the most wonderful thing in the world!