Thursday, August 5, 2010

Better Find Her a Backpack!

Yesterday, Lily was walking around the house playing a harmonica. Today, she is pushing her baby stroller saying "Gotta Go" while it's stuffed with a spatula, a fireman's hat, a stuffed Elmo, and a bag of brown rice. That's just a little glimpse of my life with her. She's silly. She's sweet. She's crazy. And she's ready for some time away from Mommy.

I've been searching for a little program for her to attend this coming fall, just a little something that will give her the time she needs to grow and play, and me the time to have a break from the constant calls of "Mommy, Mom, Mommy, Mommy, Mom, Mumma, Mommy, Mom, Uh-Oh". Can you even imagine how draining that is to hear all day? I love my sweet baby love, but I mean....really. I came across a little nursery school right here in our neighborhood that has a Mother's Day Out program on Wednesdays. It's PERFECT. With a beautiful classroom, lovely teachers who enjoy teaching toddlers, and literally only 4 minutes from my house, it's a great fit for our little routine and family. I'm excited for my baby to have her own time (and for mine too).

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leah said...

Your nursery program sounds a lot like our "2 by 2's" program- we did it with both our boys and it was wonderful! A little time for mommy, and a good separation and learning experience for the little one!

Happy first day of nursery school, Lily!