Thursday, October 28, 2010

Look Mom! That Kid Has a CI Just Like Me!

Paging through the 78 page Toys R Us Great Big Christmas Book that just came in the mail yesterday, Christian was totally engrossed in all the toys he was going to ask Santa for. I had to wrestle it out of his hands just to get the coupons off the front. He sat at our dining room table for 20 minutes flipping through the pages, and all of the sudden I hear:

"Mom! MOM! Look Mom! That Kid Has a CI Just Like me!"

And sure enough, on page 32A, in the ad for Crayola Magnetic Double Easel, a little boy, maybe 3 or so, has a green Nucleus 5.

I leaned over, took a look, and patted him on his hand and said "He sure does, just like you, just like your friend Jonah, just like your friend Sam, just like all your pals. That's cool honey".

I love how he is at the age where he is celebrating his magic ear. I love how his friends, both hearing and those who aren't, may not notice his CI and hearing aid, but if they do, they think it's cool. I love how is so confident and celebrates his CI. I know it's not always going to be like this.  Until then, I'll take what I can get, and be thankful for companies like Toys R Us that celebrate our kids differences and include them.


KateB said...

I too was thumbing through it and thought, kids with CI's, I need to suggest my son for a photo shoot...then, I kept turning pages and then I saw it too! First time they did that and I was pretty happy too!

leah said...

I love Toys R Us- I think they had a boy with hearing aids and a girl with a CI last year, too.

We just ran into a kindergartener at our local public school who recently received hearing aids. I was pretty excited to find out there will be a child close to Nolan's age who has hearing aids! She's two grades ahead of him, but at least he'll have one other child wearing magic ears!

tammy said...

Oh I need to look for that catalog! Aiden is still at the age where if he sees another little boy with a CI he totally checks it out and wants to touch it, like he has no clue what it is. I always make sure to get excited and point out that how they both have CIs. Aiden has a friend here in this po-dunk city of ours who has bilateral Cochlears too and what's even more exciting is that they're only two months apart and will start school together!

I love Christian's spunk. He has the best personality! Give him hugs for us!