Monday, December 13, 2010


The IEP today went fine. Nothing surprised us. Our public school system will continue to see Christian 2 times a month. We're going to work on some more complex goals, such as discriminating information in noise and continue self-advocacy with his amplification. Christian is doing WONDERFUL.

This IEP got me thinking of how much things WILL change though the moment he leaves dreamworld (his current school) and enters into the public school system. A class of at least 25 kids, teachers who don't have a background in Cochlear Implants or Deaf Education, a school that isn't built acoustically for children with hearing loss is what we're looking at come 2012/2013 when Christian enters Kindergarten. I found myself worrying if he'll miss the announcements over the intercom, or if he'll have a hard time hearing in the gym with all the squeaking sneakers. I got a little anxious over the thought that he won't have an audiologist in the school to fix a wonky earmold or pooped out battery on his CI. I started thinking about all the children who have NEVER seen a kids with a CI, wondering what they would say (or not say ) to him.

With all these worries, I still know that my little boy is smart and will be ready and able and up for the challenge of a FULLY mainstreamed school. I know that he will have an IEP that will make sure that he will have appropriate accommodations so he doesn't miss out on announcements. I know he'll have friends from the neighborhood who have grown up with him in his class, who think his CI is cool. I know that if something goes wrong with his amplification that systems will be in place to help him. It also doesn't hurt that I'll be just around the block always available to help out. He' still a little boy. I can't even believe I'm thinking of Kindergarten already.

Where does time go?


leah said...

Christian is going to be more than ready for kindergarten! He is so confident, smart, articulate, and has wonderful parent advocates. I still can't believe kindergarten is around the corner, though!

tammy said...

I remember the post when you said something like .. "PRESCHOOL, did I really just write preschool!" lol Crazy how time flies. Christian is such a rockstar and I'm sure he'll excel in mainstream too! So glad your IEP went well!