Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowy Sick Day

My poor Lily. She got that glassy eyed/fussy/screaming baby thing going on yesterday. After running (I mean RUNNING) up to the pediatrician's office after we picked up Christian from school yesterday before they closed at 5pm, we learned she had a nasty virus complete with sores in her throat. I guess it's like Hand-Foot-Mouth only the winter version. UGH.

Christian went to school today. Lily and I have stayed in our PJs all day and watched the snow fall. We've watched about 14 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I made a pumpkin pie while she was sleeping, and I even managed to get some work done. Chuck did both drop-off and pick-up today. My lifesaver.

Still managing to smile even on a sick day. 

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leah said...

Oh, poor Lily! Get well soon!!! This time of year is just awful for viruses!