Thursday, December 23, 2010

We made it...sorta

Last night after Santa road through our neighborhood on a FIRETRUCK (how cool is that?!), the kids were put down to bed. I was getting a quick haircut and then stopped by my girlfriend's house for a glass of wine. All was quiet. Until about 2am. Lily woke up with the pukes. Lovely.

Christian, Lily and I were in our PJs for most of the day. I did loads and loads of laundry, made more cookies, wrapped more gifts while Lily took a 4 hour long nap (OMG!), and then sent Christian off with his Gram to go see a play. I'm pretty sure Lily's puke was a rogue puke and NOT the stomach flu that has been going around our neighborhood, but we're still playing it safe.

Tomorrow starts our official 1.5 week family vacation. Chuck will be home. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO FAMILY TIME.

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