Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Job Buddy!

This week has been one of "those" weeks. Lily has been sick and up and down the past couple of nights, the weather is gross, and I'm running around like an absolute nut trying to squeeze everything in that I can in the limited amount of time that I actually have. I almost lost it yesterday picking up Christian early from school and then shuttling him all the way back to our neighborhood for an appointment with our county school SLP. I had to wake sweet Lily up from her nap (again), traffic was HORRIBLE (as always) and I didn't make it the gym (not good). I was grumpy, and certain that what was left of the day was shot.

When I picked Christian up an hour earlier, my mood instantly changed. His teacher reported that they "Had the BEST session EVER" that he did awesome in some background noise situations, that he ROCKED identifying different speakers in NOISY situations, and that he was a superstar in isolating the /f/ and /v/ sound. She even joked "He doesn't need me, seriously".

Of course I was elated and forgot about all the crabbiness of the day. High-fives were given, chocolate milk was toasted when we got home, and I snuck in some big squeezes to my little guy. I'm so proud of him. Honestly, this child works harder than any kid I know. While we technically really don't need speech services any more, the tasks that his teacher is working on with him are almost like drills to prepare him for the "REAL" world when we leave his school and he goes into the public school in our neighborhood with 27 kids a class. He WILL have to work hard to listen in a noisy classroom. He WILL have to work at identifying different speakers in NOISY situations. I'm glad that he's working on all these skills now. I know he'll be ready when the time comes.

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