Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Poor Lily and her life as the 2nd Child. Constantly woken up from her nap to sit in carpool lines.

1. I can't believe my baby girl is turning 2 this Friday! This is my last week having a 1 year old in the house.

2. And since I won't have a "baby" in the house anymore, I decided to consign TONS of baby things today at one of our local kids consignment shops. Winter coats, nursery decor, baby toys, even a double stroller. Fingers crossed that things sell and we can put them towards my DISNEY FUND!

3. Yes, we're officially saving and planing for Disney 2012! I'm thankful that many of girlfriends have already been there/done that and we can steal their planning binders. 2012 is our magic year as by then Lily will be potty trained, no one will be napping, and we need at least a year to save!

4. In other travel plans, this horribly frigid weather has me wishing we took our Aruba trip in January not in November! We're thinking of trying out one of those indoor water parks with the kids for a night or two in March with some friends. As much as I can't stand a pool full of runny nosed kids, the thought of the kids getting away with our friends and having some summer style fun in the dead of winter really is appealing right now. Besides, I hear it's a comfortable 84 degrees at all times in water park AND parents can drink wine and beer while watching the kids play. Sounds good to me!

5. I went over to my girlfriend's house last night and we celebrated her birthday with a true Maryland dessert, The Smith Island Cake. 12 layers of absolute bliss! It definitely gives my favorite Michigan dessert a run for the money.

6. We're pedal to the metal with our letters, numbers and pre-reading skills with Christian these days. I just purchased this really cool system that they use in our preschool to supplement writing skills, as well as this DVD that my girlfriend claims that her son learned the letter sounds by "osmosis" after zoning out with it after school.

7. I'm counting down until the reinforcements (also known as my parents!) come into town in just over a week! It's always fun having them here, even though I have a list of projects for them to conquer, a joint birthday party for the kids for them to execute and at least one night of babysitting planned for them!

8. One of the *little issues* we've had with Christian's Nucleus 5 is that sometimes the T-Coil would turn on after the processor was activated in the morning. We would double check and turn it off using his remote, never relying on him to tell us if something sounded funny. Well, today he told us that his implant sounded "scratchy" and it was "buzzing". Way to go little dude! Hooray for self-advocacy!

9. Christian is in HEAVEN playing with all of his Dad's VINTAGE Star Wars guys he just acquired last weekend. He took "Darth Vader with the Cape" and "Obi Won Candoby" into show and tell today at school. Priceless.

10. Lily is REALLY into her magic wands. Like REALLY into them. She bops me on the head and says "Magic". I wonder if she's trying to make my roots somehow magically disappear before my Thursday highlight appointment?

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