Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Polar Bear Game

 I went up to Christian's class to bring and snack and share a story today.  Their class theme this month has been all about winter sports and ice skating, so I brought in my very own figure skates that I used from back in the day and a nice story about ice skating. As I was getting things organized and ready for my story, Christian's teachers pointed out that they were learning about polar bears and how they have absolutely WONDERFUL hearing. They were playing "The Polar Bear Game" and it was Christian's turn.

All 13 of his classmates sat in their semi-circle with Christian in the front. His eyes were closed and his one teacher even covered his eyes with her hands. The other teacher then pointed to one of Christian's friends who then exclaimed "Hi Christian!". Without any hesitation, Christian identified his friend's name. Friend after friend, Christian got them all right. He knew their voice. He knew their tone. Of course, I cried. It's these little moments that other parents may take for granted that I treasure so very much.

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Lucas'Mommy said...

I cried too. Totally amazing, and nothing short of a miracle. Be proud!!