Thursday, January 13, 2011

She's All Me.

Can I just take a couple of minutes to brag about my sweet and silly Liliana Grace? Lilybean, as she is affectionately called by her Daddy and I, or just Bean by her brother, is amazing. She is hilarious, always in a joking mood. She chats nonstop. Just yesterday she came running into the bathroom as I was doing my hair and make-up and exclaimed "Mommy, De-ah, De-ah, De-ah ou-side da window".  She took my hand and led me to our back windows showing me 2 deer that have made their way into our yard.

She loves primping and helping me with my make-up. Her favorite color is pink, and prefers Chanel lipgloss (in Blizzard no less)  over Laura Mercier (atta girl, I do too!). She is a complete joy. A COMPLETE JOY.

I never knew that having a daughter would be so much fun. I see her and I already see so much of myself. She is an independent little love, but also likes to surround herself with fun. She runs everywhere and rarely sits to play. She is too busy to worry about the little things, but takes much needed breaks to read her books or to sit with her kitty Sammy every so often. She is my special gift.

It's days like yesterday that started off with a rush to get Christian to school with 3 inches of snow on our panicked DC area streets that I truly cherish with my little girl. We came home, took off our boots, and had hot chocolate. She picked all the marshmallows off, squeezed them and stuffed them in her face. We played downstairs in the playroom where she asked me "You want your cah-fee Mommy?" and brought me a pink tea pot and a cup. We had a dance party to The Bangles, she helped me fold laundry, she got into a bit of trouble when she found one of her preferred Chanel lipglosses and tried to put it on her kitty's lips. Sweet old Sammy, just sat there as Lily shoved it in her face.

We skipped the errands, I skipped the gym, and I wasn't even humming along on my laptop. It was just me and my girl. 


OverTheMoon said...

So Sweet. I love moments with my girl too!

leah said...

So, so sweet! I had a good laugh at the image of lipstick on the cat, lol!