Monday, January 10, 2011

Sanity Circle

Kicking of 2011 with a bang this past weekend (and a Pomengrante cocktail) with my sanity circle.

These girls know far too much about me, about my husband, and about my kids. I cherish their friendship, their willingness to listen to me complain about the nuances of carpool, the craziness of my home repairs, and all the ins and outs of hearing loss. Honestly, I think it's safe to say they probably know just as much about Cochlear Implants and hearing aids as most parents of children with hearing loss do. Our history goes as far back to when we were 17 years old, just staring college in a big city, still listening to grunge and wearing hemp necklaces. We have inside jokes that no one else would think are funny. We've literally watched each other grow-up.

Times have changed and we're not sharing dorm rooms, first apartments, or beach houses anymore. Some weeks, we may play phone tag and not be able to connect. But what I love most is that we always are able to pick right back up and it's as if we talked for hours the night before. We know all our backstories. We all have changed, but NOT THAT MUCH. Sometimes, I look at them and while I see beautiful, accomplished, and absolutely amazing women, I can't help but see them as 19 year old party girls with late 90s hair (and shoes to match). And that is why I love them so much.


NatCraft said...

When I think of all of the friends that have come in and out of my life at times, I am so thankful that we have weathered it all. And I'm thankful that I was adopted into your group! Love you!

Jax said...

Even though sometimes it's hard to get our crazy schedules to all work out, when we finally do get to be together I think, "It's feels like home." ;)