Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

baby girl having her first crepe a la nana. delish.
I used to do What We're Working On Tuesday posts, and once Christian was removed off of related services at his school and met and exceeded age appropriate benchmarks for all aspects of language and listening, I backed off. Of course we're always working on SOMETHING, but it usually involves picking up toys in our playroom, identifying letters and numbers, and how to change out the toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. Obviously nothing my readers would be interested in (although, when I do figure out how to train a preschooler to clean my bathroom, I'll let you all know when that has been mastered). One of my favorite new blogs posts Ten on Tuesday weekly, and naturally I thought I would give it a try.

1. I just made the most amazing banana bread. From scratch. That has cauliflower in it. Half the loaf was gone after the kids sat down and had after-school snack. Thank you Jessica Seinfeld.

2. It's a new year, and I'm in the mood to purge. Why do we have 800 stuffed animals? Anyone know where I can donate BRAND FREAKING NEW stuffed animals that my kids haven't touched?

3. In more purging news, I'm done with the baby toys. Hopefully by this weekend all we'll have in the playroom will be Star Wars guys, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse things, dress-up clothes and a whole nursery school of various types of Babies.

4. I'm taking advantage of the 20% off sale at SkinStore, and trying a new regimen thanks to philosophy. I love my Skinceuticals, but it's time to change...and time to save money.

5. Don't you love it when you rediscover music that made you happy. This week it's Guster. How did I forget about them?

6. Lily is going through a phase of spitting out her food to take a drink. It's nasty.

7. On the flipside, she's talking consistently in 3-4 word sentences we can all understand. I love it. And I love her.

8. I'm back to my old gym routine after taking about 2 weeks off. What's crazy is that I lost 3 pounds over the holiday, and I think it's because I WASN'T working out. Time to get my curves back.

9. Christian is cracking me up these days with his color commentary on all things Toy Story related. He's making stories up about Ham and Jesse and how they are really good friends and go to the same school. I love his imagination.

10. Do you have Facebook "friends" that all they do is complain about how crappy their life is on their status updates? What about the ones that if you didn't know better, you'd think they were purposefully trying to hurt your feelings? I'm totally over those friends, and in 2011 one of my resolutions is to use the Hide button liberally.


tammy said...

I love posts like this and the Simple Woman posts. They're fun to write - pure random thoughts. Think I may have to take up something similar.

I've always wanted to try Jessica Seinfeld's recipes, I'll have to add that on my list for 2011. I totally get the FB thing too ... except add to the list those who are constantly posting religious views down your throat and those that talk politics all.the.time. I want it to be fun.

Happy New Year!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Tammy, I think you should. Especially now that our life isn't totally revolving around CIs and hearing loss.

You should definitely try the recipes. I find that they are good for the random food phases the kids go through. Christian is a fantastic eater, but Lily sometimes is tricky.

Miss you!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Love your Ten on Tuesday! So fun! I'm a big Guster fan too, btw!