Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Most of the public schools were delayed today thanks to a good ol' fashion southernish icing. Christian's school had a 2 hour delay. I'm still in my PJs, Lily is dressing up in various princess outfits, and laundry is getting done.

2. I went and saw Black Swan with some girlfriends last night, and I had a hard time sleeping. I swear, I will never pick a hangnail again after watching that movie.

3. I love long weekends. We had a wonderful break together, spending the evenings with our good friends. I ate my fair share of football food, and one of my best friends reminding me that the holidays really aren't over until Super Bowl. Great.

4. I burned off some of the football food having a dance off with Just Dance 2.  My girlfriend Alison kicked my butt 2 out of 3, but I still schooled her with my disco moves. I'm obsessed, and I will be buying it this week!

5. We did a serious purging of the playroom during Lily's naps this weekend. It LOOKS clean, but I'm sure after the 3 after school playdates we have scheduled this week it's going to be back to our normal in no time.

6. I'm heading up to Deleware  to visit my roomie with one of my best friends this weekend so we can go see my favorite Real Housewife speak. I love despite how well-read, well-traveled, and well educated we all are, we still can watch trash TV and follow reality stars.

7. Another one of my best friends just launched a new business. If you're in the Metro DC area and LOVE FASHION, check her out!

8. Did everyone hear that Starbucks is launching a new size drink come May? I love how it holds more than the average stomach can hold. Sorta gross.

9. I think cauliflower is one of the most underrated veggies ever. I am excited to try this new recipe this week!

10. 2 kids who have birthdays one week apart means 4 birthday parties in a one week span (1 at each school, 1 for Christian's school friends, and one joint family party), which also means I'm on the quest for goodie bag filler (also known as junkie dollar store finds that will clutter up another family's home). I think Moms of the World should outlaw goodie bags. Like we need more Silly Bands. Really.


Drew's Mom said...

For the goodie bag thing - I hate them too! So, I've started getting one "bigger" item, that can serve as the centerpiece on the table and then the kids can take home. So, for Drew's Toy Story party I got those mini-stuffed aliens for $4 each and gave those out, etc. The kids love it, and I'm sure the parents appreciate not getting a bag full of junk! :)

NatCraft said...

Thanks for the plug chica!!