Friday, January 14, 2011


Once a day, my heart hurts just a little. It's lunchtime, and my little guy's seat is empty. It's just Lilybean and I. My sweet girl with her tofu, carrots, hummus, and lots of apples and I with one of my "Go-To" salads, usually a spinach salad with some sort of soft cheese and beets. It's quiet. It's boring. And I miss my Christian. I think of what he's doing, and laugh a bit, knowing he's eating his Sunbutter and Jelly sandwich with his best buds, woofing down his fruit snacks, and drink his milk faster than any kid. I miss him at lunch. I know Lily does too. 

Christian had a half day on Friday. I brought him home, sat both my babies at my old table, and just soaked in the moment. There they were, eating leftover pizza, laughing and giggling together. And my heart was happy. 

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