Monday, February 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. My dryer blew out last Wednesday. 600 dollars later we're the proud owner of a new Maytag. I only have 2 kids, but can you just imagine the laundry that piled up over the 72 hours I was unable to do wash? Thank goodness for our friends who share their wine AND their laundry rooms.

2. I've recently fallen into the "Let me make doctors/dentists/specialists appointments for everyone in my family but me" trap. I have a list of 6 doctors that I need to see and I have no idea when I can do it.

3. Valentine's Day has turned into more of a "Kid Holiday" in our house, complete with homemade construction paper hearts COVERING my front bay window and a basket of Valentine-esque Stuffed Animals in my living room. However, my Valentine surprised me with flowers, the dark chocolate Godiva assortment, our favorite bottle of wine, and a beautiful dinner (via take-out!) from our first date place. He's awesome. He really is.

4. We're inching towards a long weekend, and I am SO looking forward to not doing ANYTHING. I am dreaming of sleepy mornings with my babies in my comfy bed. When are they going to be old enough to make me breakfast while I watch my shows?

5. Lily told me today to "Go Away" and "No, I want to try that". Why do I feel like this is just a GLIMPSE of what I will hear in 10 years from her?!

6. Countdown to Lady Gaga has officially begun! 10 days!!!

7. It was 65 degrees here today, which makes me can't wait to wear these adorable jeans!

8. Thanks to the snowmelt, my yard is a total mudpit. I have my wellies, but I'm searching for the perfect rain boot for Christian. Send on any suggestions!

9. Christian told me today that I was his "Special Valentine Mommy". L.O.V.E.

10. And last, but not least...Lily went #2 in her potty last night. Don't want to jinx anything, but we're on our way....

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