Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Knowing.

I'm DESPERATELY trying to get our family back into the church routine.  Us Catholics are known for not having very family friendly services, and for a while having two children under 4 was wearing me out. I couldn't get ANYTHING out of the readings, would stumble over the responsorial psalms, and our priest's homilies were heard through the muffled closed doors in the vestibule while one child was in my arms and the other was in the Usher's Room bathroom playing in the sink. Church was totally stressing me out.

I woke up today and figured that if Christian was old enough to memorize all the names of the characters from Clone Wars, he was old enough to memorize the Our Father and get his cute little butt to Church.  I proudly raise the kids in a Catholic home (ok, a Catholic-Light home that praises tolerance and equality for all...and that's a whole other conversation), but I do believe that Mass needs to be a part of our life. So, I packed up Christian and went on a Church Date with my 4 year old boy.  Our parish does have a children's program during our 9:30am Mass, but the kids have to be in Kindergarten to participate. I decided to sneak little dude in today. They drew pictures of what God looks like to them. Christian drew a stick figure with a HUGE head. I'm guessing it's his interpretation of God being ALL KNOWING or something. Who knows.

I stayed in the room to keep an eye on him. I watched him be such a good and sweet boy. Listening, sitting criss-cross-applesauce, and acting respectful. I also watched a little boy, who probably was in Kindergarten, crawl over to him on the carpet and stare at his Cochlear Implant. He got SUPER close to Christian, almost to where his nose was touching Christian's head. Then the little boy backed up, and looked at Christian and said "What's Your Name?. Christian, who was certainly annoyed,  turned and said "Shh....we're in Church. I'm Christian".  I didn't know if I wanted to swoop up and hold my little boy and protect him from what could be a hurtful situation, or if I wanted to run over and give him a high-five for being such a smart and big boy. Instead, I just sat and watched Christian handle the situation himself, and said a prayer of thanksgiving that my Christian has been blessed with SUCH resilience.

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