Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. For the first time in FOREVER, this past weekend we had almost no plans. A nice long weekend with just lots of family time together in our basement playing Wii, in the playroom playing with Baseball Guys, and in our kitchen drinking wine. Just the hubby and I. Lots of wine.

2. Of course, no long weekend would be complete without a little spec of the kids not feeling well. You know when you can tell SOMETHING is going to pop up? Yeah, that is happening here. They both look pale. Maybe even a bit feverish. Great.

3. Our weather forecast for tomorrow may be giving us a 4th day in our weekend. They are calling for 2-8 inches of snow tomorrow for the DC area. 2-8 inches. Isn't that a BIT of a spread to forecast? I hate our weather people.

4. So, if we get snow tomorrow, there is a pretty good chance that one of my kids will have school and the other won't. Christian's school marches to it's own drum and while located in DC, it doesn't follow DC Public School closings. Lily's little play school does follow Montgomery County public schools calendar, so when they are closed, Lily's school is too. Ugh.

5. I have a TON to do tomorrow, most revolving around the prepping of going to see LADY GAGA on THURSDAY!

6. Yes, I am going to see Gaga. I heading with 8 of my girlfriends. We have dinner reservations at a delish Mexican Restaurant downtown at  5, which means our husbands are going to either be working from home on Thursday to accommodate our drinking schedule or they are coming home early from their important jobs to accommodate our drinking schedule. We are so lucky to live such ho-hum suburban lives. Really, we are.

7. This might as well be my one winter week of fun, as Chuck and I are also heading to see BON JOVI this coming up Sunday with some good friends. Now...where is my leather miniskirt?.....

8. I'm beyond thrilled for our good friends Dave and Jenn as they welcome their baby boy Henry into the world today! Congrats! We love you!

9. The crocuses are peaking through (just in time for the snow tomorrow) which puts me in crazy "I have to sign my kid up for 8 million camps and sports clinics" mode. I can't decide if I want to wait out this soccer season (which ends in May) until a summer session or if I want to brave standing out in pouring 65 degree rain this Spring.

10. I'm writing this on Monday night around 10:30pm, and Chuck has just reported that ice is coming down and our sidewalk is already slicked over. I can't wait to brave carpool tomorrow. Hooray.

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