Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Update: Thanks to one of Christian's Auntie's, Star Wars boxer briefs have been found!

2. I started off this week with a trip to the doctors office for our sweet Lilybean. She has walking pneumonia. And I now have yet another week with no sleep I am sure.

3. Luckily, before the doctors we went to Lenten Bible Study. Lily had what she called "Playgroup at Church" and I had some much needed Jesus time.

4. Even though both of my auctions that I volunteered extensively for, my body is still freaking out. I've had eye twitches, insomnia, a racing heart and shortness of breath for over a week. Anxiety issues anyone? Can someone please spare a Xanax? Oh, and I had a mini-panic attack during my bible study. Now that's not supposed to happen.

5. Seriously, I am going to go to my internist to get checked out. While the weight loss side effect of my non-stop worry and panic is welcome, the dark circles under my eyes are not.

6. Christian amazed me on Monday. He asked me while we were in a noisy pharmacy that was full of music from a radio, loud voices and the clanking of a delivery man stocking shelves "Mom, what is THAT noise?". I walked around the little space searching for SOMETHING. Ended up he heard what I can only describe as the silent hum of the soda cooler. Amazing.

7. Our neighborhood is busy preparing for St. Patrick's Day. Our little group that we call the Happy Corner is throwing a traditional Irish feast in the evening, complete with Corned Beef, Lamb Stew, Sausages, and Samosas. Yes, Samosas. The filling is green.

8. St. Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday this year. Which means BOTH kids are in school. I know where I will be in the morning.

9. I'm still reeling from the horrible tragedy in Japan. I've tried so hard to shield the graphic imagery that's all over the news from the kids. Still, Christian saw some and heard about people dying and asked me what happened. How do you explain something so tragic to someone SO little? It's moments like that where I wish I could pull out a handbook and just look it up.

10. I ended up telling him there was a bad storm and we need to do everything we can to help the people in Japan. He responded to me "Mommy, we need to box up some of our food and mail it to them. And pray to Baby Jesus to help them." Again, why do I have anxiety? This sweet boy makes my heart SO happy.

10. Despite the anxiety, my heart is full. I must be doing SOMETHING right.


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