Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Have you ever noticed how it really is JUST the little things in life that REALLY make you happy? For me today it was eating my greek yogurt at the lunch table with BOTH my babies. Christian is on Spring Break this week so both of my loves are with me this week!

2. We don't anything glamourous planned this week--maybe a trip to the zoo, maybe a trip to get new shoes, maybe a pizza lunch. It is a nice and much needed break from the rat race of city traffic, car pools and attempting to be in 3 places at once.

3. I'm slowly but surely trying to dig my way out of the crappy mood and all around BLAH that I've been feeling lately. Highlights were done this weekend and a wonderful sangria and tapas night with two of my oldest and dearest besties are clearing the way. I'm almost there...now if only I could get sleep.

4. Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I decided to go back to my bible study. I am so very glad that I am taking that time once a week for me and my relationship with God.

5. Do you ever feel that all of the "extra" things that you have taken on really just cloud up your life and serve as a distraction and don't add to it? I had a moment of clarity at this week's bible study and realized that everything other than family, friends, and my work need to go. EVERYTHING. I have such a limited amount of time during the day, and the time I had was spent worrying and stressing over things that really aren't important. I need that time back. If I have 2 hours a day to spare, it better be spent working on my relationships with my husband, kids, family, friends and my faith. I'm not going to give up the "extras" that bring my happiness like volunteering for my children's schools and advocating for children with hearing loss, but I sure am going to limit my time with everything else.

6. Ok, another question: Do you ever look at the mess that is your house and just take a breath and walk over the Transformers and Itty Babies and puzzle pieces and sit down and drink a coffee? Because that is what I am doing now. I should be cleaning. Instead, I'm quickly blogging, then showering, and then taking the babies to the park. On a 65 degree day, the Transformers can stay right where they are.

7. I'm switching out my closet from winter to spring. I am so happy to finally put away my stretch skinny cordourouy leggings, Uggs, and riding boots. It's been a long winter.

8. I know I keep saying this, but I really need to get the video camera out and start taping Lily's little conversations. I don't know if it's because I am more aware or what, but she seriously speaks as clear and articulate as a 3 year old! Hmm....lucky little girl having Christian as a language model and a Mommy who uses Auditory Verbal Therapy!

9. Best surprise of this day so far: A load of washed, dried and FOLDED laundry in my basement done by my amazing husband.

10. Worst surprise of the day: What probably is a week old Eggo waffle in the microwave of the play kitchen downstairs...still with Nutella on it....thanks Lily.

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