Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is my weekend.

It's close to 8 o'clock on a Friday night. Chuck is, as usual, working downstairs. We put the kids to bed on the earlier side since excitement (or lack there of) of Spring Break has seemed to wear them both down. An hour and half later, Christian is sound asleep. Lily, however, is testing my patience. I have nothing to do tonight other than house chores. I spent the entire day going from a gym class for Lily to getting new shoes for both the kids, to fighting with an insurance company during their naps, to running back out to the store with both of the in tow so I could pick up fish for tonight's dinner.  I made dinner while the two children fought in the playroom, annoying Chuck as he worked from home in our office. Served dinner, only to not want to eat it because I was already so tired and exhausted from the monotony of the day. Skipped baths for the kids because I just wanted today to be over, and put them both to bed. And here I am. It's 8:05pm, and Lily is still testing my patience and this day is not even close to being over.

The weekend seriously could not come soon enough.

Fast forward to Saturday night. Spur of the moment date night  at a my favorite local restaurant after a busy day and evening thanks to a surprise visit from Grandma. Drinks with neighbors. In bed by 11.

Have insomnia. All Saturday night. Maybe get 4 hours of sleep. If that. This is the new normal.

Sunday Morning. 8am. Both kids are awake, and my mind is racing with the list of the many things that need to get done today. Grocery shopping, which I hate doing on the weekend with the rest of the world, must get done today thanks to a busy Monday. Ugh.

8:05am. Coffee is brewing, and so is something down in the playroom. The noise level is rising, and Lily starts to scream. Chuck breaks up whatever is going on just before I lose my mind.

8:10am. I'm slipping into my sweats and fleece, rallying the troops to get dressed for bagels. There is no way I can do church today.

8:25am. We're all in the van on the way to the bagel shop. Kids are happy. For now.

9:15am. We're in Target. Shocker. Today's list includes a birthday present for a party later today for a family friend, dishwasher detergent, deodorant for me, new toothbrush for Lily.

9:16am. First meltdown by Lily. Chuck calms her down with promise of a special treat. Who knows what that will be.

9:20am. In the toy aisle, picking out something for the party later today. Lily thinks everything is for her, and all Christian wants to do is pick out a new car to add to his 500 car collection. I'm losing my patience.

9:40am. Finally out of Target. Breathing deep breaths, on the way to Whole Foods.

9:45am. Family grocery trip starts. Kids are contained by Tootsie Roll Pops given to them by the bagel store owner.

10:30am. Checked out at Whole Foods, only to forget two main ingredients for Monday night dinner. Awesome.

10:45am. Home.

How is it only 10:45am? I used to sleep in until noon on Sundays. You have got to be kidding me.

11am-12:30pm. Total chaos ensues down in our playroom, laundry is being done, 3 different lunch orders are placed.

And finally, 1pm. Naptime. Lily is asleep. Christian is watching a show. I sit. For the first time since the bagel store. And I breathe.

1:01pm. Christian needs a drink. And wants to play Chutes and Ladders.

2:00pm. Finally. A shower for me.

2:30pm. Hair already dried, and I can't believe Lily is already awake.

2:45pm. Fig Newtons for the kids, and I am seriously debating opening up the bottle of Pinot Grigio that I know is in the fridge chilling. Is it too early for wine? It feels like 6pm to me anyway.

3:10pm. Dressing Lily for her friend's party, I run my second pair of nylons of the day. Totally annoyed, I declare "Screw It", to which Christian then promptly asks "Do you need a screw driver Mom?". I laugh. Hug him like crazy, and figure out a new outfit.

3:45pm. Pile Lily in the van for the birthday party which is just for little ones under 3 and their Mommas. I'm so looking forward to Prosecco with my girlfriends.

5:15pm. I'm laughing with two of my best friends. It finally feels like the weekend.

5:17pm. Lily just hit a kid I don't know.

6:30pm. Still laughing with girlfriends.

7:45pm. Finally come home to a quiet house. Chuck bathes Lily. I put sweats back on.

8:00pm. I breathe. Again.

8:15pm. Lily is once again, playing and jumping. She won't sleep.

8:30pm. Still breathing.

I'm still breathing.


Melanie said...

Were you writing about your life or mine? ;) Glad I'm not the only one.

MB said...

I'm still confused why there were nylons involved in your life at all. Especially if no church! You fancy!