Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have SO much to blog about, but honestly have had NO time. I have a running a list, and it just keeps getting longer and longer. It's starting to get frustrating.

2. The lice drama is all but over. Yesterday was our last day of combing, and I started unbagging toys and linen that have been washed. I still am overwhelmed by the number of stuffed animals we have in this house. I'm seriously considering just keeping them in the garbage bag and "accidentally" throwing them out.

3. And if things couldn't get any worse, Christian was hit with a stomach bug this past Saturday that left him just about as sick as I've ever seen him. Poor kid was knocked out the whole weekend. He seemed better this morning, so he went to school....

4.  For 1 hour. I got a phone call just as I was walking into a doctor's appointment that he still didn't feel well. I raced over to get him and we picked up more popsicles and Pedialyte. Will this ever end?

5. Luckily in the middle of all the yuckiness at my house this weekend I escaped for some fun girlfriend time at our neighborhood school's auction on Saturday and co-hosted a little baby shower (sprinkle!) for a dear friend on Sunday. I had the most amazing blueberry mojito. It was DELISH!

6. I also ate my weight in pastries from Dean & Deluca after the sprinkle and have yet to be to the gym. The Napolean was SO GOOD!

7. Lily has become a pro on Christian's old scooter! She really has picked it up fast. I need to get a video of her scooting along our sidewalk. We decided to upgrade Christian to his first big boy Razor Scooter. How are they getting so old?

8. Lily started a new class with two of her friends this past Friday and absolutely loved it. I am so glad I have my special time with her on Fridays. I really am cherishing that time with her.

9. Do you ever feel that all you do with your kids is bribe them to do stuff for you? I find myself saying daily "Lily, if you (insert random request here), I'll get you (choose from ice cream, a toy, or some treat). It gets draining.

10. With all the drama going on in our house this week (it's only TUESDAY!), my complex dinner plans that I have prepped (braised roast and vegetables) seem overwhelming. Can we just order pizza?

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