Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am pretty sure that I have done more laundry in the past week than I have during these past 4 years of Motherhood. It's never ending. I don't wish this even on my worst enemy.

2. Despite being held hostage in my laundry room, we did manage to escape this weekend to take in the cherry blossoms that are in peak bloom here in the DC area. Spring is definitely my favorite time here. No humidity. No bugs. Just beautiful blooms, 70 degree days, and gorgeous crisp nights.

3. We also had one of those once in a lifetime opportunities this past weekend to watch the Washington Capitals rink side 4 seats from the penalty box. The tickets were amazing. We banged on the glass, saw Ovi up close, and the Caps brought home a win. We had impromptu drinks afterwards with our dear friend and it was an awesome night.  Even though I'm a die hard Red Wing fan, it was still one of those experiences I will remember forever.

4. Soccer started today for Christian and he LOVED it! It's his second season, and he just has a blast on the field. He plays at a park around the corner from our house. It's easy. It's fun. And he loves it.

5. In an effort to better take care of myself, I finally went to the Internist last week and am proud to report that my doctor says I have "Exemplary health habits" and am in "amazing shape".  Go me. Now if only I could get a handle on my excessive worry and anxiety.

6. Lily continues to simultaneously push my buttons and melt my heart. On the way into Bible Study on Monday she pointed up to the crucifix on our church and said "Jesus is up dere. He ok, MomMom? (our crucifix is the typical Catholic crucifix depicting Jesus in agony on the cross). After I tried to explain that it was just a statue of Jesus and not the REAL Jesus and the REAL Jesus was up in Heaven smiling down on us and so happy that we love Him so much, Lily exclaimed "Jesus loves when I use da potty. Yay Jesus!". I guess we are on the spiritual track of potty training now.

7. I went out for cocktails with some of my girlfriends last week and discovered my new favorite drink. Chocolate Mojitos. DELISH!

8. I miss scrapbooking. I used to be a scrapbooking addict. I have all the gear and tools, a set area in our family office, and honestly can't remember the last time I sat down to do a page. I'm making a resolution to scrapbook at least 2 times a month. I really miss it as my creative outlet.

9. My mission to streamline my life and to shift my focus is working. Just this past week I said "No" to 2 different volunteer opportunities. I am no longer going to be known as the sucker.

10. Christian heard the breeze rustling the branches and leaves today on our trees. He pointed it out, and told me to listen for it. Such a miracle.

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