Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Are we FINALLY out of the woods after lice-a-rama and puke-a-rama these past 2.5 weeks? It's been rough and I hope are spared for Easter. I don't know if I can take much more of this!

2. I feel behind the game with Easter. Sure, the baskets are out. But I only have one bag of candy and I haven't really even decorated the house. I have NO idea what Lily and Christian will wear. The crazy thing is that I'm not going crazy about it. Progress!

3. I have however managed to fall in love with a NEW Easter candy this year. They are DELISH.

4. Love Cadbury Eggs? Check this out! I am going to try the brownies.

5. One of my girlfriends had a Kate Gosselin siting at our Whole Foods. She reported that she was wearing fabulous shoes, was really skinny and had stick straight hair. Oh, and she was driving a slick Audi.

6. I just had a Corey from Teen Mom 2 siting at my door. I mean, I am pretty sure it was him offering to cut down my tree for a good price. You have got to LOVE the West Virginia Tree Cutters.

7. I'm reading 1-2-3 Magic in an effort to TRY to finally learn how to discipline my kids. Anyone else have great success with it? Pretty much right now I have Lily telling me to go screw myself every day and Christian doing everything just so he can have dessert. Not really "model" parenting going on here.

8. It's 2:30pm, which means in exactly 3 minutes I am going to race out the door and be in the car for 2 hours as I drive to school, sit in the carpool line, then drive home. I do this everyday.

9. Thank goodness for Sirius radio in my totally cool mini-van which makes the drive a bit more tolerable. I switch between Hits 1 and Martha Stewart Radio. And Chuck wonders where Lily learned how to say "Shake your moneymaker"  came from....

10. Tonight is poker night for Chuck which means I have a date with all my girl shows I have waiting for me on my DVR. Oh Pregnant in Heels, Bethenny and Army Wives how I have missed you!


leah said...

We've tried 1-2-3 magic, but I really fell in love with Kevin Leman's series (he's the guy who wrote "Have a New Kid By Friday").


Lucas'Mommy said...

I'm so glad that everyone is feeling better!!!