Monday, May 2, 2011

Just another playdate that I'll remember forever

Do you ever wish that you could just freeze a moment of time and keep it in your pocket so you could always relive it whenever you wanted to?

It's 4pm on a school day. Christian has a friend over before they head on over to soccer. They are playing Star Wars, creating these elaborate stories about Bobba Fet, Jenga Fet, Droids, yet the Imaginext Firehouse Set is also in play and the firemen are rescuing Darth Vader. I just saw a droid roll through the living room in a Batman car.

Yes, it is always that messy....
To me, this is honestly all I could ever asked for when it comes to Christian's Cochlear Implant Journey. He plays like a typical 4 year old boy. He keeps up...scratch that....he leads playtime with his friends. This is all I have ever wanted. He's happy. His friends are sweet little boys and girls.  And his imagination is just wonderful. He can communicate and express himself clearly.

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leah said...

I love it. Star Wars is awesome - especially when it is mixed in with firemen!

Who would have thought that the "everyday" stuff would have been so amazingly wonderful?