Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. This past weekend Chuck played Mr. Landscaper and mulched, planted, weeded, cleaned out and worked his magic on both our front and backyards. He may not be all that handy, but he sure does have a green thumb!

2. The news of Bin Laden's death early this week has literally stopped me in my tracks. Living in DC and actually witnessing the plane crash into the Pentagon on 9/11 changed me forever, and his death has basically ripped off a band-aid on my heart. I'm not quite ready to cheer in the streets.

3. As much as I try to shield the kids from all of this, Christian has asked me "Who that guy is with the long beard and the dress on". What do I say to that? The best I could come up with was "He's a bad guy. Pray for him".

4. Lily is acting weird this week with her sleeping habits. She's up. She's down. She's tired, but won't sleep. Everytime my kids do this they are getting ready for a developmental leap. Wonder what's neck (Oh please, please let it be her being ready for potty training!)

5. Have I mentioned how much I love Skinny Girl Margarita?

6. Have I also mentioned how much I love my stylist Corey at Bella Bethesda? I know this is a shameless plug, but I've been going to him for almost 9 years now, and he is the BLONDE MASTER. He also is one of my dearest friends too :)

7. I'm in laundry denial. I have 3 loads downstairs, and 2 baskets to put away and it is just SITTING THERE.

8. And now for the upcoming weekend...Friday is Grandparents and Special Friends Day at Christian's School. Both sets of his Grandparents are unable to attend, so this year Christian asked his Auntie Alison to come visit his school. He's so excited to have her come and see his class and meet his friends. I'm so happy she is able to not only juggle a visit with Christian, but also her own kid's Moms and Muffins that morning. With 4 kids, she's learned to do a lot of juggling!

9. Saturday is Tara, our very special friend and super-duper Mother's Helper Confirmation! We are so excited to witness her become a full member of our church, and I am even more excited to be her sponsor. We love our Tara!

10. Sunday is 1st Holy Communion for two of our favorite big kids, Isabelle and Timmy. Belle is like a niece to Chuck and I and a cousin to Christian and Lily. Timmy is Christian's neighborhood big-brother who looks out for and teaches him everything he needs to know. It's such an important day, and I am so glad that our family can support both Timmy and Belle as they make their sacrament!

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