Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day!

What an absolutely phenomenal year.

He worked SO hard.

He played even harder.

Today during the All-School Assembly the principal asked all the student's what their homework for the summer was. In a gym with over 100 kids, Christian raised his hand and answered "We can read our books to our baby sisters".

Of course I started to cry.

How far we've come. He's confident. He's sweet. He's smart as a whip. And sharp.

I'm happy to close this chapter of our family's life for now. A couple weeks off to recharge, to play more at home, and to be with friends from the neighborhood a bit more. Fresh markers are stocked in our project drawer, books and puzzles have been dusted off and are waiting for my little dude to discover them in the playroom. Camps start next week, along with what I hope is a little bit of a slower pace of life. I'm looking forward to a little bit more time in our pajamas, longer breakfasts, and less time fighting city traffic.

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tammy said...

Wow Tina! I can't believe how fast time flies and how big Christian is getting. and now I have tears ... what an amazing little rockstar you have! So proud of him!! Go Christian go!