Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday by the Numbers

I turned 33 years old today. I'm in my mid-thirties.

I feel old today.

I'm lucky enough in my friendships to have been with my closest girls longer than without them. Some of us have known each other since we were 13. Other's since we were 17. Oh, and let's not forget about my cat. Sammy the Siamese is almost 12 years old. She's the longest relationship I've ever had....

I've been married for close to 6 years now, and have known Chuck for 8.

In those 6 years, we've been homeowners for 5, and parents for 4.5 years.

Our two kids, ages 4.5 and 2.5 years old remind me that yes, I am in fact a 33 year old Mom. I pack lunches, carpool, make appointments for flu-shots, consignment drop-offs, shoe fittings, and hair cuts. I worry about everything from teaching them to read to teaching them to cover their mouth when they cough. I keep a pack of tissues in every purse, along with hand sanitizer, wipes, and countless bags of fruit snacks. I drive a mini-van. I'm 33 years old today and even though I feel old, I also feel incredibly blessed.

I remember my Mom's 33rd birthday. Seriously. And she still looks as glamourous and gorgeous as she did that day.

Looking much younger, but I think I still act the same. Oh, and I can say the same for my girlfriend here too :)


leah said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you were able to live it up (as much as possible in a mini-van) and enjoy the day! :-D

NatCraft said...

LOVE that picture. So classic. Happy Birthday. You make being a mom look fabulous. Love you.