Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ok. I'm back. I promise.

1. I travelled for work for the first time in over two years to San Francisco for 5 days while Chuck played Mr. Mom. He shuttled kids back and forth to their different schools, sports, and our friends chipped in with playdates. I saw the city (MY FAVORITE CITY!) for a total of about one hour total the entire time I was there.

2. I found myself really missing the kids in the evening. I missed tucking them in. I missed having dinner with them. I really missed Chuck. We have such a good system and are such a good team.

3. We're back into our new/old routine of constantly being back and forth in the car to school to sports to ballet to errands. Lily started school this year, along with ballet and soccer and Christian is doing lacrosse and soccer. It's nuts. But it's good.

4. Lily is in a big girl bed now. I know, finally. She is only 2.5 years old. She still uses a binky (don't judge). BUT SHE IS POTTY TRAINED. So points there. She loves it. I love it too because the bedroom set she's using was mine when I was a little girl!

4. I can do a whole post on my sister-in-law's beautiful wedding, but had to share a shot of my dude during the rehearsal. So proud, a bit serious, and totally cute.

5. And then there's this shot of my sweet loves...

6. My Lily started preschool last week. She's in a REAL classroom with circle time, songs and cubbies. She carries a bucket in lieu of a backpack (sort of odd if you ask me, but hey...those are the rules).

7. Christian told me at dinner last night that his teachers took him out of the class yesterday since he was talking too much and disrupting the quiet reading time. Um, a little ticked off that he wasn't following the class rules, but I couldn't help but smile. My deaf kid is talking TOO much. Seriously.

8. Chuck and I celebrated the anniversary of our engagement this past week. 7 years ago he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife on the corner of Q and 17th Street, NW and we haven't looked back.We 

9. We're getting excited for Halloween. The kids already have their costumes, but I need to come up with something? Last year I was Lady Gaga. How do you top that?

10. This weekend I'm heading off to Virginia's Wine Country with 19 of my girlfriends for our 2nd annual Virginia is for Winos trip. I can't wait for some much needed girl time!

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