Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have so much on my mind and having a hard time sorting through it all. Please bear with me...I think I need to apologize in advance.

2. Two kids at two different schools with two different schedules is already taking it's toll. I had a moment today where I needed to be at both places at once. Most of the time, Chuck and I are able to work it out. However, it's a really crazy time for him at work and he doesn't need anything else on his plate. Times like these, I'm thankful for my in-laws who live close and who can pinch-hit for us.

3. Work is back to a steady pace which I am grateful for. August and September were brutal for me, and the delicate balancing act that I strive for just wasn't there. I've learned that there really is only so much that I can handle, and I think I figured out my exact breaking point.

4. Life isn't all stress and mania. Today is the Kate Spade Sample Sale! I spent my Saturday in Virginia Wine Country with 20 of my closest friends. My birthday is this week! It's hard being me sometimes.

5. Ugh. My birthday. I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday. I've been out of my 20s for some time, and creeping into my mid-thirties. I have the lines and larger pores to prove it. I also two beautiful babies to show for it all, a great husband who still sees me as that 25 year old girl on the beach, and friends who I can still act 17 around.

6. We're starting to research FM systems for Christian. One word: OVERWHELMING. His school right now uses SoundField systems with GREAT success. They compliment the small class size and perfect acoustical setting for kids with hearing loss. When we leave fantasy world his current school next year for our public Kindergarten the conditions will change. If you are using an FM system on your K-3rd grader I'd love to hear your experience!

7. I started Christmas shopping last week. I know. I'm crazy. Loving Family Doll House scored from one of my besties, couple of Star Wars guys I found at TJ Maxx that make cool sounds, and the Tiana Dress-Up from Target are all tucked away under the stairs. Someone please remind me that I bought these things on Black Friday when I stand in line at Toys R Us.

8. Lily continues to love school which makes my heart so happy. She talks all the time about her little friends and teachers. She is such a sweet love. Christian is doing well...he seems so old to me now. I want it to slow down a bit.

9. My girlfriend cracked me up the other day when we both were at the grocery store. She told me that her husband picked up this magazine and called it "The Magazine for Moms on Uppers". So true. I'll take my Us Weekly and pay someone to make Cake Pops and felt Halloween costumes any day. I often wonder how those chicks who can make dozens of cookies, homemade Halloween costumes, paint stencils on their kids' walls, and nurse 8 kids at once do it. It HAS to be drugs.

10. From the looks of our forecast for this weekend in the DC area, fall will officially arrive. I can't wait to go apple picking with the kids and am ready to start my fall baking. Please send me your favorite apple dish so I can try something new!

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JMF said...

HAHA! I got a free subscription to "Family Circle" from some other thing I signed up for a couple months ago and I am soooo not into it! A) your cake pops comment made me laugh because that is indeed what greeted me in my mailbox last week, which made me depressed because my act is not together enough to even read the article on how to make them, and b) have you ever looked at their "fashion" advice?! I will bring you a copy to school this week so you can pick up some truly "awesome" tips.