Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We just returned from a whirlwind trip back to Detroit to celebrate my cousin Ashley's engagement AND law school graduation. The kids had a blast with their grandparents, and I had some much needed time with my family and my dear friend Kate. Christian came back with some sort of fever/cough and I came back exhausted. It was worth it though!

2. My favorite part of the weekend was heading to a little bridal shoppe to watch my beautiful cousin try on gowns. First of all, she is stunning so everything she tries on is gorgeous. Second of all, she has impeccable taste. The girl IS fashion. I've seen two of the front runners and all I have to say is that she is going to be breath-taking! I was so happy to be there for her!

3. Other than being thrilled that Ash found an amazing guy to get hitched to, I am beyond excited that I have an excuse to look at wedding dresses online again.

4. And invitations. I love wedding invitations. I know. I need to get over it.

5. My brother, who always seems to fall into "interesting" situations ended up WORKING the Lions home game on Sunday. Nick is a die-hard fan, and when the call came in that FOX needed someone to work the cables, he jumped at it. He was like a kid on Christmas morning!

6. Poor Christian is home sick today. I took him to the doctor's this morning and he's been in his PJs laying around. I do have to say it's been AWESOME to not have to sit in traffic this afternoon for pick-up. I got SO MUCH done.

7. Chuck and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary this past weekend. We visited the church we were married in, enjoyed some cake, and Chuck plans to take me away to a B&B in the woods this fall. Wood is the traditional gift for 6 years....I thought it was VERY creative. I can't wait!

8. Our house is all decorated for Halloween and we're busy planning our annual Halloween party. I need some new signature drink ideas...send me some!

9. I'm so in love with my fall coat that I'm in search of a the same one, only lined for winter! I don't want faux fur, so I'm looking for something in wool.What can I say, I'm loving leopard this season!

10. I need to start researching paint colors for our downstairs living room. We have a sage couch and light beige carpet (how 80s...I know). Suggestions?

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