Friday, February 3, 2012


Sometimes when we are racing all over the Metro-DC area from school to sports to play dates I find myself wistfully dreaming back of the simpler days with Christian. I have these golden memories of rolling on the ground with him the day after he was fitted for his hearing aids. Sure it was a big day, and for awhile I remembered that day with THAT only detail. Now, 5 years later, I'm remembering those slobbery kisses he planted on me for the first time on our living room floor.  I think at the time I was too freaked out by the sound of feedback from one of his hearing aids to really take it in. Just the other day, I found myself sitting in our glider that has been moved into our playroom for a book nook, closing my eyes and remembering the DAYS I spent in that chair, nursing my chubby baby who could never stop eating. I also remember weeping in that chair for days on end knowing that little lullabyes that I was singing weren't doing anything for my baby boy who we just found out was deaf. 

I wish I could remember each little kiss as well as I remember every little detail of his audiogram at age 16 months.  Life was so stressful in his early years, I can't help but wonder what other little golden memories I missed while I was busy ensuring Christian was articulating the final /s/ sound. Today on Christian's 5th birthday, I'm resolving to take each moment and attempt to put it in my pocket. I'm going to look for those golden moments, and try to save them for these next 5 years. 

Happy 5th Birthday to my Christian. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. I love you so much! I pray that you NEVER lose that twinkle in your eye that shines so bright.

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