Saturday, February 4, 2012


Responsibility. It seems to be a theme right now with our Christian. I feel like I'm telling him 50 times a day "Christian, it's your responsibility". Poor kid, all he wants to do is just hang out, read his Star Wars books, play some DS games, make some sound effects and throw around a football. He's growing up fast, and whether it's at school, here at home, at one of his practices, Christian does have responsibilities.

He's worked hard to show us that he does understand that one of his biggest responsibilities is advocating for himself when it comes to his Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid. He knows it's his job to let us know if something doesn't sound right and we're working with with him to try to trouble shoot his equipment too. This is super important especially for next year when he's at our neighborhood school with NO audiologist on staff or Teacher of the Deaf in the building.

Christian's teachers created this schedule that shows the different components of his day in his class along with the matching CI program that he should use. He's responsible for checking the schedule and making sure that his program matches the schedule. I'm so proud of him and he's excited for his VERY important job!

Christian's classroom/remote schedule!

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dlefler said...

Awesome job with self advocacy! He'll do wonderfully when he transitions to the neighborhood school next year. Will he use an FM system?

Nolan's FM system has to be turned on and off by the teacher (from the unit she wears) but he can change his HA programming to turn her OFF. We're working on that one (oy). Fortunately he hasn't turned any of us off lately, haha!