Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break.

Christian has been on Spring Break this week, and Lily's is next week (Hooray for next year when they will FINALLY be on the same schedule). We've been doing a whole LOT of NOTHING. We've focused on sibling time. The kids have had lunch together everyday which honestly is my favorite time with them. Their little conversations together are my treasures. THEY love having what we call weekend peanut butter (Christian's school is nut-free so he never gets it at school) sandwiches. Christian TUCKED Lily in her bed for naps, and then followed it up by sitting at the kitchen table and doing Legos with me.

Lots of puzzles were put together, shows watched, and hours in the kids camp at my gym followed by smoothies in the afternoon. Since Christian is in school full-time and our afternoons are spent at the martial arts center, ballet studio and soccer field they really don't get much time together. I am so thankful for this past week. Sure, a week in Cabo would've been great. But staying local and just enjoying my kids being together was pretty darn good too.

They LOVE frozen yogurt...Christian always choses Coconut and Lily tries something new every time. 

Spring Break Naps. Such a hard worker, he SO deserves this time.

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