Tuesday, April 3, 2012

By the Numbers.

34-Days until Christian's 2nd Cochlear Implant Surgery.

10.5-Lily's new shoe size. My hopes of her fitting into a perfect sample size Louboutin are fading fast.

13-Christian's new shoe size. Further validates my hunch that he is going to be quite the jock.

9.5-MY HUGE SHOE SIZE in Tory Burch's new wedges. Really. I guess if anything on my body has to be fat, I'd rather it be my feet!

5-Number of bottles of wine consumed this week with friends (all time low...it's Wednesday too!)

3-Number of days until my roomie and her husband come to visit (also known as the reinforcements).

1,000-Number of times my kids have asked me to go to Mexico since our best friends are traveling there for break. Sorry guys. Next year.

1 comment:

tammy said...

I want to live in your neighborhood! ; ) Cheers.