Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am constantly in awe of how quick these kids can bounce back.

This past weekend Christian built many legos, watched movie after movie, and then got really bored. Just 2 days after surgery he was asking for a playdate with his buddy Jack, wondering when his friend Lacy was going to come over, and telling me he missed his friends. Um, buddy...you just had MAJOR surgery.

We decided to send him to school today. I sent him in with the sticker book that our good family friends gave him for his recovery to do during PE. If there is any school that is equipped to handle this, it's his school. I am confident that the teachers and administration will make sure Christian doesn't over do it (or the other kids). I just called to check in and they told that he is doing fantastic. We're going back up to Hopkins on Thursday to see his surgeon.

Our friends and family have been amazing. Christian's grandparents took Lily on Friday and Saturday to give Christian some quiet time here, as we all know that Lily has lots to do and say. Meals have been brought and carpools have been set up so we can focus on this new exciting journey for Christian. Folks have sent care packages for both Christian and Lily and even Chuck and I.  I feel so lucky that we have this awesome support system.

The trickiest thing about this recovery is that his spring sports schedule is going to be put on hold. Swim lessons are definitely a no-go. Tai Kwon Do is a maybe-I chatted with Master RJ at our martial arts center and they are CONFIDENT they can adjust the curriculum for Christian's needs right now. Soccer...well, I think we'll skip this week. And lacrosse....I'm going to let Chuck make the call on that one but something is telling me we'll take at least another week off.  Good thing we have lots more legos, arts and crafts and fun new toys and books given by loving friends and family to keep him occupied after school.

Love Star Wars! Thank you Feldman Fam!

Early evening day of surgery. He wanted to go outside!

The bandage and his National's jersey stayed on until Sunday. 

Bubble Gun from his friends Grace, Olivia and Sadie...he loves it!

Loving the cookies from Aunt Alison and Uncle Dave.

Christian's best school bud Lacy delivered the world's biggest get well card from all his classmates!

So cute!

One of my CI Mommas sent this to Christian. Thank you Heidi and AJ! xoxo

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