Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surgery Day

Christian is amazing. He's brave. He's strong. He totally rocked this surgery. The hardest part of the day was the waiting. He was in for just over 3 hours. I brought my iPad and watched the latest episode of Revenge. I curled up in a ball and tried to nap to make up for the zero sleep I had the night before. Bottom line was that he was a complete rockstar. The only part he complained about was the smelly medicine in the mask that he told me "It smelled like pickles. I don't like pickles".  The surgery was a complete success with no problems or complications. 

We got home by dinner time. Lily was with her Grandparents and was a gentle and sweet sissy to Christian. Our concerned, supportive and wonderful parents from Christian's class had meals for the weekend delivered to us and Christian ate 2 popsicles and a little bit of chicken. He slept well last night, waking up a couple of times only because his bandages were bothering him. Today he's watching movies, playing his DS and playing with some awesome new toys and projects that our friends and family have been dropping off.

Yesterday's surgery changed our family's life forever. He's officially bilateral. We are anxiously counting down the days to activation!

We're on our way!

Christian checking out his new implant!

Daddy ready to head back into surgery with the brave boy!

Honestly, he was so excited!

Cute little toosh shot--couldn't resist.

He woke up so slowly and peacefully.

Couple of hours later, he was back to playing Mario Brothers!

TONS of food for our family care of our awesome Cardinal Class!


dlefler said...

I am so glad everything went smoothly - here's to a fast "countdown" to activation. I love his school - what an awesome group of kids and parents!

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...

I missed all of glad everything went well...maybe we'll be able to see each other in June in B-More:-) Love you...