Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IEP Update

I've been through what feels like a million of these meetings, but this one was the most important. It was in essence the LAST final communication before my little guy becomes a big kid starting Kindergarten. Or so I thought.  I walked in nervous, confident, and a bit unsure. I walked out nervous, confident and still a bit unsure.

Here's the quick and dirty:

-Our county school system stated several times that they preferred Christian to start the year off with the FM system as they have in the past. And just as we did in January, we declined. We presented the HINT (Hearing in Noise Test) which findings showed that he actually could hear better than typical peers in noise. Seriously.

-Our goals have been readjusted (and minimized) since most aren't applicable, and pretty much include polishing up some communication strategies and self-advocacy. It's pretty basic. We did request a consult with the school SLP to evaluate his /s/ and /z/. Sometimes he has a bit of a lisp. 

-Christian was qualified for ESY (Extended School Year) due to his recent implantation and activation, so we will receive 1x weekly services (this is in addition to the private therapy we will continue to do and Mommy Auditory Training Bootcamp).

Despite the tension with the whole FM system, I can't even begin to describe how pleased I am with our county services and our school. Our principle is very receptive and open and the Kindergarten team is excited to work with Christian. 

Oh, and Christian's current school has been nothing short of wonderful preparing us and supporting us in this process. We had an entire support team armed with data. They know Christian the best, and are constant advocates for him.

So, we have some things to tweak, but all in all it went well. 

Ok, for all my Facebook friends, I did indeed choose the Lilly Pulitzer wrap-dress for the meeting. I know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear.

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dlefler said...

That is awesome! If his HINT is really great, then why mess with the FM? No need to add equipment if he doesn't need it - YAY to a great IEP meeting!