Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taste of Summer

We're off of school for the remainder of the week thanks to teacher conferences and we spent 5 hours at the pool today.

Christian could hear me thanks to the Aloksak.  Lily played and played with friends. Neither one of them complained or freaked out. They both are getting more and more comfortable in the water (Christian seriously will be swimming FOR REAL by the end of July. I'm convinced!) Our pool doesn't allow floats or kick-boards so the fact that they are both in the BIG POOL is a BIG DEAL.

My girlfriend made a cocktail run and brought back jugs of a coconut rum drink. The kids got ice cream before dinner. We ordered 3 pounds of chicken nuggets, served up hummus and cucumbers and they dug-in. The Mommas were happy. Did I mention it was 100 degrees today, and I only complained a handful of times?

We came home, did a quick dunk in the bath, and they were asleep by 7:30.

And after a much needed text conversation with my cousin...well cousin-in-law, but whatever....I'm off to lay in bed and watch Dallas. She's doing the same thing too, which cracks me up because we are SO alike in so many ways.

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Melanie said...

Parallel lives, my friend. Except that our pool doesn't serve real cocktails! ;)