Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And....we're off!

These first couple of days of school have been a complete whirlwind and we're still trying to figure out our schedule. We all have new routines to get used to. All in all, these past 2 days have gone SUPER SMOOTH!

Our neighbors met us to make Christian's first walk and my heart was so full watching Christian walk with his big-kid friends (and having my sweet and loving neighbors to support us there!). My one girlfriend joked that she thought they would have to follow me up with a car to drive me back the 2 blocks because I was going to be a mess. Luckily for them, I cried all my tears the night before and I just got a little misty-eyed as we left our little dude in the hallway as HE WAS COMFORTING A NEW FRIEND WHO WAS CRYING. Seriously...he did that. 

I spent the day wondering what he was doing, praying he was self-advocating for himself, hoping he was making new friends, and getting a bit nervous for his first recess at the big school. I think I had a pit in my stomach the entire day...but I didn't cry. 

At pick-up (which is INSANE BY THE WAY...more on that later), he ran out of the school beaming telling me "Mom, it was SO MUCH FUN!". I grinned, and once again got a little bit misty-eyed.

We've walked to and from school with friends these past two days, exploring our neighborhood and having some popsicles and drinks once we get home. I've heard stories about meeting new friends on the playground, playing with old ones, and also about how he got to "Explain to his friends what a trombone sounds like" in music class. Love. 

I'm so proud of him and I just love how can jump into new situations with ease. 

My big boy!

So grown-up!

She misses him like crazy.

Loves his back pack!

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