Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Turn this into a Country Song.

Today was one of those days where literally nothing went as planned.

Lily had one of her nights and we were up and down with her all night. I woke up to an email from our Deaf and Hard of Hearing department informing me that the itinerant teacher that was hired to service Christian decided to NOT take the job.

I went to Target, dug through my bag at the check-out with a FULL CART, and found out that I left my wallet at home. Awesome.

Drove all the way back, paid, raced home in time for a meeting, only to discover I bought DECAF coffee. DECAF.

My laundry sink is leaking, oh and I've had unexplained pain in my abdomen that is now resulting in a series of doctors appointments, lost gym time and lots of wincing on my part. Awesome.

I'm thankful for my Mom who is checking in on me and my girlfriends who always seem to know how to rescue me with reassurance, carpool and taking a feisty 3 year old off my hands. Oh...and everyone pray for Chuck. He's got a lot on his hands dealing with me these days.


Jennifer said...

I have pelvic adhesions...where everything internal gets stuck together. I had surgery for it last year and will probably have to have more in the next couple months or so since it's all growing together again. So I am familiar with annoying abdominal pain. Hang in there. Aren't we glad that days like that are the exception rather than the norm? ;)

MB said...

I've been making up excuses to pop in at school unannounced. Today I'm volunteering in the cafeteria!

Yesterday I showed up 4 minutes into the school day. The teacher was dutifully wearing her FM and it was even on her correctly. Too bad they forgot to actually put the receiver on Mari's CI.