Saturday, September 29, 2012

A little tune up.

We are incredibly fortunate to have an AMAZING audiologist who has taken the time to really get to KNOW Christian and his capabilities. She is based at Christian's old school, but we are still able to get services through her now that we have moved on. I am thankful that we still have her on our team.

Christian and Dr. V got straight to work on Wednesday for his mapping appointment. We concentrated solely on his newly implanted ear . Christian patiently did all of the testing and waiting as each electrode was manipulated.

5 1/2 years into this and I am still amazed.

Watching the programming process of my kid's Cochlear Implants literally takes my breath away each time. If you haven't been through it, you really don't know how hard the kiddos have to work, or how much harder the audiology team has to. As much as it is a science, it's also an art. The fact that our audiologist knows Christian's academic strengths and challenges alone helps ensure a quality MAP. And she is SO good with little ones. Few audiologists have the patience or the enthusiasm to handle 5 year old boys. Yet Dr. V always manages to reign him in, to get him to listen and she somehow makes these marathon programming sessions FUN for my little dude.


dlefler said...

What a great audiology center. I can't imagine the long mapping sessions. Nolan's hearing aids are just thrown into the magic black box and that's the extent of his "programming" - though he is only aided to 40dB in the high frequencies, so I wonder about that "technique" with hearing aids. The DSL programming isn't always on target...

It is good that he can keep the same audiology team at the River School. They know him and can really fine tune things! Also? How has five years gone by? Honestly... it seems like these babies were just born!

Messy Mom said...

I still don't understand how all the mapping works. I guess I just figured if everyone started out at ground zero (meaning the hearing is gone on that side after surgery) then every single person would be mapped the same, but it doesn't work that way. We haven't even started this process yet, so I am sure I will understand once we go through it.