Monday, September 24, 2012

(insert mommy guilt here)

Lily was cranky pretty much all day. Fussy in the morning, pouty at school, and then at Noon when I got her....just a mess. She was full of sass. She was being fresh. She spent the better part of the afternoon being annoyed about schlepping to Christian's aural-rehab appointment, yelling at me from the car seat and telling me I was a bad Mommy.

I flipped out at her around 6:45.

And at 7:20, she pooped on the floor. Like a bad poop. Like yucky tummy poop.

Poor thing was just sick today. And me, being sick of the fussing didn't even notice. I've been so wrapped up in everything but her today that I didn't notice that she wasn't feeling that great.

Guess who did though?

Christian shows so much patience with his little sis. Even today when she was literally rolling on his floor crying before dinner he just said "Bean, stop. You need to just rest, ok?".

So, I'm sitting here waiting to see if this goes on for the rest of the night or if we're one and done. I'm not feeling that great right now either. What a way to start a week.

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