Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Ready for a Grumpy Day tomorrow

We have to be at Hopkins by 7:45am tomorrow for Christian's CT Scan. This is just one of the many prerequisite appointments and tests that we have to take part in during the CI Candidacy Process.

I'm not really worried about the actual test--for those of you who know my kid, he's pretty easy, and is used to people poking and proding him. He's going to be sedated, which is always tough to see--but again, for those of you who know my kid, he's also VERY active.

I think the hardest part of the whole process tomorrow (other than me having to get out of bed before 7:00am), is not being able to give Christian his morning bottle. He's not allowed to have any solids or milk after midnight tonight.This will be his 3rd time being sedated, but our first since he's stopped nursing. For whatever reason, breast milk is allowed prior to sedation. A very nice nurse who called me this afternoon to give me this news recommended that perhaps I wake up and give him WATER or APPLE JUICE before 6am. OH GOD. I am SO not a morning person first of all. 6am! And my little Pooh Bear will turn into a Grumpy Eeyore if I try to pull that on him. Seriously....APPLE JUICE?

There is nothing that little man wants more than his AM milk. Chuck and I don't set an alarm anymore. We rely on the calls of "BA BA BA BA BA" coming from the nursery between 6:45am-7:30am every morning. He sucks down 10 oz of milk faster than any kid I've met.

So, I'm contemplating hitting the freezer stash I have of frozen breast milk and using that instead. Buddy hasn't had the good stuff in quite some time, but God knows I made enough of it for 3 babies and still have a pretty good stash built up.


Abbie said...

I got my fingers crossed that everything goes well! 6 o'clock is a piece of cake fot me, its the 3:30 in the morning that I have a big problem with!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worst then a grumpy baby in the early morning...makes for a grumpy mommy too! Use the stored breast milk :)