Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Week of School

We are in the home stretch. My kid has been in school longer than any other kid in our neighborhood and he has a serious case of Senioritis, or Pre-Kindergartenitis...call it whatever, but he is ready to be done and spend time at the pool and camps with his friends.

Momma, however, is in serious SERIOUS denial.

I've cried the last 2 days picking him up. Choked up, blubbering, mess-type crying. How on earth am I going to get through our final All-School Assembly on Thursday? I have such a mix of emotions right now. On one hand, I am so excited to move on to the next chapter of our journey, but on the other hand, I don't want to leave. It's my calm and cozy place that I have spent all of my Momhood at. We've been protected and supported in ways that most families never get a chance to experience, let alone families with kids with Cochlear Implants.

Don't get me wrong, I've been counting down the days until our summer can begin, when the longest drive I'll have is to Whole Foods to get more watermelon and my kids can sleep in as long as they can. I'm certainly not going to miss the drive in DC rush-hour traffic. And there is something very zen about packing away the lunchbox for a couple of months. We will be heading back up to school once a week throughout the summer to continue Christian's new CI rehab with one of our favorite SLPs whose been with us since he was 14 months old. 

Christian's teachers gave the kids one-last PJ day yesterday and today all of the Pre-K classes got together and had Pre-K funday, complete with pizza, popsicles, water-balloon toss and games. Tomorrow they have one last full day of school, and Thursday is a half-day. He's mentioned to me a couple of times how he can't wait to be in school with Jack and Dylan (his neighborhood best buds), but he's really going to miss his buddies in his Cardinal class. I promised him we'll have lots of playdates with his pre-school classmates and they will always be friends even if they don't go to the same school. He smiled, his sweet Christian smile and said "My old friends are going to love my new friends".

And I'm crying again.

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mb said...

Mari is sad about leaving her friends who are all going to the same school next year, but not the same one she is. I promised playdates and she said, "But mom, you said that last year with farm school and I NEVER SAW THOSE PEOPLE AGAIN."

Sometimes I hate what a good memory she has.