Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bilateral Bootcamp

It's time to get down to business.

We returned back from a wonderful vacation to Northern Michigan and jumped right into our 3rd and final programming session at Hopkins. After a quick booth test and some level changes, everything just became brighter and more clear. Christian immediately started responding to complex questions using just his new ear with NO visual cues. Our audiologist had a complete conversation with him while he was just playing with a puzzle and he responded and interacted with no problem at all. Honestly, it never gets old and of course I was teary eyed witnessing not just the miracle of this amazing technology but how hard my little guy works. He's been through so much and just keeps trying and trying.

Left ear rehab is intense right now, as it should be. Our family life is literally revolving around getting it up an running. Here's our schedule just for this week:

Monday: Meet for 45 minute session with county SLP to work on auditory training
               1 hour isolation using just left ear while reading books with Mom and playing listening games

Tuesday: 1.5 hour isolation while playing board games with Mom, auditory training and book reading

Wednesday: 1 hour isolation isolating the /s/ and /th/ (so hard for him right now!)

Thursday: Meet for 1.5 hour session with county SLP

Friday: Meet for 1 hour session with private SLP at River School

And in between all of this, we're still trying to have a fun summer with trips to the pool, playdates and movie time in the afternoon when it's too hot to go outside.


dlefler said...

Here's to great rewards from all of your hard work! It will definitely pay off before he starts school in the fall!

Lissa said...

congrats :D