Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Mommy Looks at 29...

So, here I am, days away from my 29th birthday. The last birthday I'll have in my 20s. This will be last year I can check the 20-29 box. The days of me skipping over the InStyle "Look Your Best at 30" section are numbered. I'm no longer inching towards 30...and I have to say, I'm ok with it. Seriously, I am.

I've never been freaked out by age. My 20s have been the best years of my life, and every year keeps getting better and better. I feel like I have SO much to look forward to, so why dwell on a number? It's hard to feel old, when your most played songs on your iPod are "La La La " by Bert and Ernie, and "SexxyBack" by Justing Timberlake. My little boy keeps me on my toes, and my family and friends keep me happy. My hubby tells me I'm still as beautiful as I was when I was a early 20-something Dewey Girl. And, thanks to the miracle of Retinol, Alpha-Hydroxy, and well placed concealer and highlighter, the lines won't get much deeper.

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