Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A New Song for the Blog

Ok, so my close girlfriends know that I am obsessed with Sean Kingston. I heard him on The Hills months ago, and just fell in LOVE with his style and his songs. I mean, I SO jealous that Audrina got to work with him!!!

Anyway, one of the things we are working on with Miss Pam from EI is the concept of Short and Long. I say things like Bah Bah Bah Bah and hope that he imitates me. Or I go Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhhh for the long. A couple of days ago, I was dancing in the kitchen to Sean, and sang the opening verse to the monkey...and he laughed, and imitated it.

Now, if only I can get him to sing "I'm Bringing Sexxy Back..."

1 comment:

leahlefler said...

You find the coolest songs! We're trying to teach our 2 year old to play air guitar, lol.